Content Management System

Content Management System

Inbenta’s Knowledge Manager comes equipped with an advanced digital content management system. Inbenta’s CMS makes collaboration in the workplace easy, with document and digital asset management that seamlessly integrates with Inbenta’s AI-powered Semantic Search Engine.

Knowledge Highlights

  • Advanced CMS integrating Inbenta's AI-powered Semantic Search engine
  • Automated content publication and withdrawals and sleek related content connections
  • Modular, multi-platform delivery system for results adapted to their target platform
  • Powerful deflection tools to assist visitors even as they fill in contact forms
  • Gap discovery tools that analyze contents and traffic to detect and suggest potential areas of improvement
  • Intuitive and user-friendly Help Site builder
  • Long-tail SEO features that lead users directly to their desired content

Multi-level categorization, custom-defined fields, and alternative titles combine with our AI-powered Semantic Search to turn Inbenta’s CMS into a powerful Knowledge Management System that propels self-service and customer satisfaction.

The CMS also offers more advanced functions: you can automate the publication or withdrawal of content by date, create connections between related content, and offer a range of modular answers for any given topic depending on the platform or device targeted (e.g. offer a full response on a website but a short response with a link if the query comes from Twitter).