Zendesk Integration

20-40% decrease in your incoming tickets.

Businesses who use Zendesk and Inbenta offer their customers support in the form of immediate interaction instead of wait times.

4 reasons to say yes.

NLP understands

the meaning behind search words in Zendesk

Refines and strengthens

your Zendesk knowledge base.

Improve self- service

over a 90% customer self-service rate.

Backstage Analytics

augments Zendesk analytics capabilities.

Supercharge your Zendesk support

What is Zendesk integration?

If you already use Zendesk, adding Inbenta is a great idea. It’s a snap to integrate, and adding the power of semantic search to your Zendesk knowledge base will optimize your self-service rates. With Inbenta’s search technology finding appropriate answers to user search queries, customers find exactly what they’re looking for.

Plus, Inbenta’s continuous support and suggestions will develop a knowledge base tailor-made for your users. Users will find what they want, and your support center will run like a well-oiled machine. Zendesk integration is a beautiful thing!