Zendesk Integration

20-40% decrease in your incoming tickets.

Businesses who use Zendesk and Inbenta offer their customers support in the form of immediate interaction instead of wait times.

Zendesk Integration
4 reasons to say yes.


NLP understands

the meaning behind search words in Zendesk


Refines and strengthens

your Zendesk knowledge base.


Improve self- service

over a 90% customer self-service rate.


Backstage Analytics

augments Zendesk analytics capabilities.


Supercharge your Zendesk support

What is Zendesk integration?

If you already use Zendesk, adding Inbenta is a great idea. It’s a snap to integrate, and adding the power of semantic search to your Zendesk knowledge base will optimize your self-service rates. With Inbenta’s search technology finding appropriate answers to user search queries, customers find exactly what they’re looking for.

Plus, Inbenta’s continuous support and suggestions will develop a knowledge base tailor-made for your users. Users will find what they want, and your support center will run like a well-oiled machine. Zendesk integration is a beautiful thing!

We are a Zendesk officially certified app

We are an officially certified Zendesk app and it take only minutes to add it to your website.

"I love the integration between Zendesk and Inbenta! In just a few short weeks our customers and employees are now finding the right answers to their questions."

Megan McCluskey
Customer Experience Manager at Ingersoll Rand (Schlage)