Service Cloud Integration

Integration for Salesforce Service Cloud

Integration for Salesforce Service Cloud with Inbenta makes customer search a piece of cake. Every time your users ask a question, Inbenta NLP with Machine Learning returns results that make sense, because it understands the meaning behind what’s typed.

Service Cloud Integration
4 reasons to say yes.


6 Salesforce Service Cloud Integration Highlights:

Give your customers what they’re looking for

Integrate Salesforce Service Cloud with Inbenta to optimize your knowledge base and refine your FAQs. Thanks to Semantic Search, both will be more powerful than ever and tailored to your customers. For them it means the right answers to every query, every time they visit and shop on your website.

Self-service rates rise, ticket deflections drop

One of many things that set us apart is a self-service rate of more than 90%, unheard of in the AI industry. Combine that with less call deflections and a much lower ticket deflection rate — 65% or more — and it’s no wonder our customers enjoy 99% retention.

Artificial intelligence with real powerful analytics

As an added bonus, we include Backstage Analytics, our comprehensive metrics dashboard, to track and analyze customer behavior and interaction with your support portals. Talk about supercharging your Sales Cloud integration.