Mobile Integration

Integrations for Mobile

Integrations for mobile start with our AI superstar, Veronica, built to interact with users with human-like conversation and precision. She’s easy to deploy and can solve any question with instant responses, which will automatically enhance your customer relationships.

5 Mobile Integration Highlights:

• Veronica, our AI assistant, is available for all mobile devices
• Designed to provide customer service anywhere, 24/7
• Responds to questions instantly for all mobile device users
• Integrates with iPhone and Android speech recognition
• Can be implemented for your enterprise offering

Veronica responds well to smartphones

She’ll serve as a great customer service relationship agent that solves questions for call center staff when ticket traffic is high. Plus she’s easy to deploy and offers instant responses to search queries on any and all mobile devices, thanks to an AI-fueled system built right into our semantic search platform. Move over Siri.

Freedom to choose equals happy customers

Your website, Facebook page, Twitter page… whichever of your channels customers choose on their smartphone, Veronica will be there with lightning-fast answers. In fact, she’ll respond to questions that are typed in, sent via dictation or asked through a voice-activated interface, just like a live human being. Customers will love how convenient and helpful she is.

We can do this one of three ways

For HTML, Veronica is 100% responsive. So in your iPhone app with HTML, you can use a modal view controller to present Inbenta inside the app and put a UIWebView in it. For an Android app, you’ll need to use a WebView and create a WebViewClient instance to access our responsive HTML content. If you go the JSON API route, you can easily access our simple JSON API to implement the question and answering logic within your mobile application, regardless of the platform.

Check out Veronica in action: