Google Integration

Integrations for Google

Google Integration will help your online communities thrive, giving your customers the power to ask search box questions the same way they’d ask another person. Through the magic of the Semantic Connector and NLP, your Google Search Appliance (GSA) will make online customer search and self service more human than ever.

5 Google Integration Highlights:

• Boosts search efficiency of your GSA by 40%
• Let’s you use your existing investment in GSA
• Includes the added benefit of Backstage Analytics, free
• Combines Enterprise Search, self-service and customer care
• Employs a simple XML/XSL file configuration, no code needed


Inbenta meets the Google Search Appliance

Propel your online communities into the future with AI that strengthens the world’s most powerful search engine. Imbedded with NLP the Semantic Connector gives your customers the ability to phrase questions in a search box the same way they would for the person standing next to them. All of it from a single piece of software created exclusively for the GSA, that results in an exact answer, rather than frustration from going in circles with repeat keyword entries.

It means the best of three worlds

Enterprise Search, self service, customer care. From now on you’ll drastically improve search results, increase site engagement and create more loyal fans in your online communities. Plus you’ll quickly develop a reputation of a site known for great user experiences that are easy, intuitive, helpful and quick. And it’ll all be automatically tracked by our Backstage Analytics.

We integrate everything with OneBox

Using Google’s OneBox standard specification, you can integrate our Semantic Connector using a simple XML/XSL file configuration, no code necessary. After configuration the Google Search Appliance will be able to deliver results from your overall website and your knowledge base and FAQs, so customers no longer have to spend precious decision time to make a purchase or get questions answered.

Check out the Google Search Appliance with Inbenta AI.