Integrations for Facebook Chatbot

Integrations for Facebook Chatbot

Integrations for Facebook Chatbot happen through a quick Inbenta plugin, giving your customers a real-time, human-like chat right from your very own Facebook page. No more complex development, just a super simple way to brand and activate your chatbot.

Facebook Chatbot integration highlights

Accesses knowledge bases and FAQs via semantic search
Uses NLP to interact and understand human conversation
Engages customers instantly through Inbenta hybrid chat
60% global linguistic support with over 25 languages
Backstage Analytics tracks service rate and gap analysis
Easy setup with just a few lines of code for developers

Connect with customers on Facebook Messenger.

With billions of people on Facebook, having a chatbot makes perfect business and social media marketing sense. Beyond providing your customers with a powerful new support option, our easy to integrate plugin equates to a giant step ahead of the competition, for many of whom a Facebook page is a set it and forget it.

Hybrid chat technology, with live agent option.

The Facebook Chatbot is designed to engage your customers through either a self-service support experience where, if they’re not satisfied with an answer, the chatbot instantly moves the customer to a live agent who already has a detailed history of the Messenger chat. In both cases, your customer comes away with the outcome they want. And Inbenta Backstage Analytics tracks every bit of data along the way.

Effortless setup, easy to use, instant answers.

Our solution only requires a few lines of code to get your business up and running in Facebook Messenger. Then, all a customer has to do is click on the “Message” tab next to the “Like” button, and the chat window opens for typing to begin. From there our semantic search engine takes over, instantly accessing your knowledge base and FAQs to find the most relevant search answers and helpful support guidance.

Here’s a sample Inbenta Chatbot conversation on Facebook Messenger:

Facebook Chatbot Integration