The best self-service
integrations for AI search.


Go with intelligent search technology that integrates seamlessly with your current platform. Then watch how much and how fast your customer interactions improve, from the solution with the shortest time to market.

4 reasons to say yes.

Knowledge Base

A full-featured management system that pulls your site content, FAQs, media and other resources together to deliver great search results.

Natural Language Processing

Built to understand the nuances of human conversation, so it answers a query based on meaning, not keywords.


The game-changing code we use to build highly responsive intelligent search for tablets and mobile.

Plug and Play

Works excellently with Endeca, Facebook Messenger, Salesforce Desk and Service Cloud, Skype, Zendesk and more.

Enough with the semantics.

Who wants happier, repeat customers?

You do. Reason one: Our intelligent search solutions will optimize your customer experience — and overall self-service rates — with just the flick of a switch. Reason two: We’ll deploy it in a matter of weeks or a couple months, not 6 months to a year, like other vendors.

Additionally, you have full control over customization, whether it be on-premise or in the cloud. The integration runs seamlessly with your existing platform, website, social, mobile and in-app channels.

Inbenta Enterprise Search, E-Commerce Search, InbentaBot and support ticketing. All four are not only expandable with new content, languages and additional channels, but are also future-proof; they just keep getting better with age.