Intent Detection

Intent Detection

Inbenta’s strength comes from combining the best AI and Machine Learning technology with its unique Natural Language Processing engine, the fruit of over ten years of lexical development. This is what enables the Inbenta Chatbot to match user questions to answers with unparalleled precision.

Chatbot Highlights

  • Unique Natural Language Processing engine with over ten years of lexical development
  • Works out of the box: no additional rephrasing or learning necessary
  • Webhook-based Decision Trees for a dynamic, context-sensitive conversational flow
  • Multiple entity-based detection method that interpret visitors’ intents
  • Scalable and expandable solution that integrates with CRMs, billing systems, and more...
  • Feature-rich transactional intelligence with seamless escalation to live conversation
  • Unique avatar options for a deeply personalized customer experience

Every different potential answer represents “intent” in Chatbot jargon. At Inbenta, defining an intent is extremely easy: you only need one simple sentence to identify an intent. For example, the following sentence can define an intent:

“How can I get a refund”

With Inbenta, there is no need to add additional rephrasing, or keywords, or long learning tagging processes. The Chatbot handles all these complexities automatically when it processes user questions to match them with intents.


“I want my money back”
“Can I return the item”
“Is there a way to recover what I paid”

All these queries will automatically match the intent we originally defined above. This makes creating the Chatbot tremendously simpler, without any expensive training requirements.