Dialog Manager

Dialog Manager

The Inbenta Chatbot uses the Dialog Manager to define the flow of conversation and paths that the system will take. This is similar to how Call Center Flows are used to define how agents have to handle every situation.

Chatbot Highlights

  • Unique Natural Language Processing engine with over ten years of lexical development
  • Works out of the box: no additional rephrasing or learning necessary
  • Webhook-based Dialog Manager for a dynamic, context-sensitive conversational flow
  • Multiple entity-based detection method that interpret visitors’ intents
  • Scalable and expandable solution that integrates with CRMs, billing systems, and more...
  • Feature-rich transactional intelligence with seamless escalation to live conversation
  • Unique avatar options for a deeply personalized customer experience

Any intent can trigger an interim decision step to help solve complex queries. At every step of the flow, the Inbenta Chatbot may ask Clarifying Questions to better understand the situation at hand. Eventually, the Chatbot might need to trigger back-office transactions with other systems and legacy applications through Webhooks. The results of these Webhooks can, in turn, determine the direction in the flow that the conversation will go.

Inbenta’s Dialog Manager has a unique feature, in that it can interpret context based on Natural Language. This means that if a user asks a question with great detail and enough context, the Inbenta Chatbot can make a direct match with a deep or later step in the dialog, making the whole experience much faster and efficient for the end users, and much simpler to build.