Personalize the customer experience the way you envision it. Our Chatbot can be supplemented with an avatar. The avatar is a 3D figure that will act as a consummate host for your customers.


Chatbot Highlights

  • Unique Natural Language Processing engine with over ten years of lexical development
  • Works out of the box: no additional rephrasing or learning necessary
  • Webhook-based Decision Trees for a dynamic, context-sensitive conversational flow
  • Multiple entity-based detection method that interpret visitors’ intents
  • Scalable and expandable solution that integrates with CRMs, billing systems, and more...
  • Feature-rich transactional intelligence with seamless escalation to live conversation
  • Unique avatar options for a deeply personalized customer experience

You can choose from our wide range of existing designs which include multiple camera shots, poses, animations and even color palettes. No matter what idea you have to set your brand apart, we can create a perfect life-like virtual assistant for you. Powered by Inbenta’s advanced semantic search technology, it will engage with your customers with great outcomes, building trust, loyalty and brand-awareness.

You can also integrate voice-recognition technology if you choose. The ultimate face-to-face customer experience, Inbenta-style!