Trane increased their customer service capability while decreasing call volume


First, we gathered all of their content and placed it in our knowledge base. We knew that many of the general questions were on the site but they may not be found for a number behavior patterns we have seen when people first enter a site. Once the content was aggregated we started matching it to potential natural language questions so the semantic search engine could easily locate them.

Next we offered dynamic FAQs because people typically access search boxes right before they contact support. The dynamic FAQs gave users all possible related answers when they typed a question. We used our natural language software to maximize the FAQs effectiveness in the results. This helped ensure that their content would deliver accurate answers to general questions from their audience.

From experience we knew people would still attempt to contact support with general questions, so we provided our instant answers feature. A very effective tool in curtailing ticket traffic our Instant Answers provide FAQs while users write an email on the support page. With each word that is written our natural language processing quickly analyzes the meaning and locates the answer for them.

The results were surprising to us

We were pretty surprised by the feedback we got. It only took us a few weeks to integrate our system into theirs but they contacted us the day after implementation. They observed a 66% reduction in incoming emails on day one! This reduction allowed agents to focus more on email tickets that need immediate attention and fast answers.

It’s safe to say they are answering questions faster than ever and we’re glad to hear of the overnight results Trane got. We look forward to hearing more about how our technology is helping them drive a better customer service experience.

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“Since going live with Inbenta we have reduced our incoming support emails to almost a third of what it was”

Toby Kelly
Ingersoll Rand Residential Solutions
Knowledge Management