One of the largest e-commerce companies around, Ticketmaster is the world’s leading live entertainment ticketing and marketing company. With approximately 6,500 ticket sales locations and 19 worldwide call centers, they faced thousands of customer support tickets with repetitive questions that fatigued agents and cost a lot of money to answer. Ticketmaster needed a way to improve their self-service rate, and so they turned to Inbenta for semantic search capabilities of their knowledge base as well as dynamic FAQs to further deflect the need for a customer to call or email the company directly.

The goal for Ticketmaster was to give their community better FAQ search results before a purchase was made. Within a few weeks, Inbenta migrated Ticketmaster’s existing Oracle RightNow CX FAQs, using our knowledge base spider. The new experience went live in more than 20 Ticketmaster websites, in 38 countries and multiple languages.
After a few weeks, Ticketmaster observed a considerable increase in self-service rate, thanks to Inbenta’s Semantic Search Engine.

Ticketmaster resolves over 98% of customer’s incoming support emails using Inbenta


Below is an example of the customer service deflection rate Ticketmaster has measured using Inbenta. Ticketmaster now saves hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary incoming support e-mails and contact center calls.

Ticketmaster is also offering instant answers to all customer’s most common questions and concerns. If Ticketmaster’s community has a doubt that cannot be solved with their dynamic FAQs, several additional contact forms were also developed by Inbenta and used as added support for agents. You can find Inbenta in the Help section of the Ticketmaster website.