Whether it’s a high-profile sports match, a sold-out farewell concert for a beloved band, or an award-winning musical, Ticketbis gets people in the door. Since 2009, hundreds of thousands of event attendees worldwide have turned to the rapidly-growing online ticket marketplace to buy and sell tickets and to find great deals on their favorite events.
The company’s international flavor and global reach has made Ticketbis a favorite among global audiences. Today, the company employs more than 300 workers who serve customers in over 30 markets worldwide and have helped deliver 10X revenue growth over a four-year period. In 2016, Ticketbis was acquired by eBay under the brand of StubHub.

Ticketbis partnered with Inbenta to develop and deploy a virtual assistant chatbot platform that could help improve customer self-service and alleviate the crush of inbound tickets to the support team. The company chose Inbenta because of the software’s seamless integration with existing platforms, rapid time to delivery, and for its multilingual capabilities to address globally disparate audiences.

“Adding so many new users over a short period of time would inevitably lead to an increase in support requests and tickets,” says Andreia Ferreira, Live Chat and Customer Service Manager at Ticketbis. “Our resources were limited and were spread too thin trying to keep up with the requests. We needed to find a better way to balance the needs of our customers with the demands of our business.”

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With Inbenta, Ticketbis has powerful natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence technologies capable of extending the reach of the company’s knowledge base through virtual and hybrid chat agents. With chatbots, Ticketbis can replicate the experience of interacting with a human customer support agent across any of its communications platforms to resolve low-impact, high-impact customer inquiries about a range of topics.


“Creating intelligent virtual agents with Inbenta fundamentally changes the way buyers and sellers experience our brand.”


Ticketbis intelligent agents can understand what user searches actually mean, not just what they say, and deliver relevant and accurate results instantly on-screen. Because of their efficiency and continuous learning, the chatbots are a perfect filter for routing or prioritizing support tickets.

“Inbenta has helped us increase our self-service rates to nearly 85%, while also reducing live chat sessions by 80% and email support tickets by 20%.”



Ticketbis has a chatbot ready to answer questions directly from their homepage.

Ferreira says that the company is already working on optimizing the customer interface of its existing virtual agents and is building animated avatars for future deployments to produce more natural online interactions. “One of the biggest benefits to working with Inbenta is how flexible the solution is,” she says. “The manner in which we can use it is limited only by our own creativity and we’re excited to explore all the different ways it can help extend the value and reach our business.”