Schlage uses Inbenta software to increase customer self-service and reduce email tickets by 50%.

“We pride ourselves on resolving customer questions as quickly as possible, but wanted to enable more self-service to help them find the information they needed on their own terms,” says Megan McCluskey, Senior Program Manager, Customer Experience Marketing and Communications for Schlage’s parent company, Allegion. “Developing new and creative ways to make information more searchable for our customers and our workers was key to improving both our customer experience and internal operations.”

The software features semantic search and natural language processing capabilities that help create a higher impact, more personalized online experience for Schlage’s customers. “One of the biggest advantages of the Inbenta platform is that our customers can get the information they want in real time based on what they actually mean, not by what they type,” McCluskey says. “It creates an entirely different interaction with our brand and delivers an experience that simply isn’t possible with most other solutions on the market.”

Let Schlage Tell You Themselves:

Schlage saw immediate results in reduction of email escalations because the customers found the relevant answers they needed in the knowledge base and with the Instant Answer functionality.

“Inbenta has been instrumental in changing the way customers engage with and view our brand,” she says. “It’s flexible enough to be used for a number of customer support and online shopping roles, is supported by a highly responsive team of professionals, and has proven time and again to be the missing piece of delivering a truly unique omnichannel customer experience.”