ICETEX makes it possible to access the educational opportunities offered by the international community to raise the quality of life of Colombian citizens in order to contribute with the economic and social development of the country.

In Colombia, all of the government entities are ruled by a manual of procedures (Manual de Gobierno en Linea), which states all the conditions that websites must guarantee in terms of accessibility to the citizens. Those conditions order websites to include chat support in order to pursue the best practices to incorporate audiences with vision disabilities in their communications strategy.

ICETEX implemented Camila, Inbenta’s virtual assistant with artificial intelligence on its website to assist in many situations. Some of these include the order to meet compliance regulations for the Colombian government, to increase the number of student loans granted, and to facilitate the access to people with disabilities. Camila does this by answering frequently asked questions and co-navigates with the user to guide them through the website.


The result

Camila is able to answer more than 70% of the questions she has been asked, relaying on Inbenta’s natural language processing power, matching questions, no matter the way users ask, with answers on her knowledge base. In early 2014, ICETEX launched Camila, and since then,  she has answered automatically more than 1 million questions. Camila, allows ICETEX, to gather and answer all non-answered questions and to improve current answers due to the feedback Camila receives on each interaction.  ICETEX is now able to fulfil their user expectations, in terms of consistency. By using Inbenta’s Semantic Analytics, ICETEX now finds the clusters of the most frequently asked topics. The business is now also able to understand what users are not getting from their communications campaigns. With this information, ICETEX is able to communicate in a better way with their users by understanding perspective of their needs.

Camila has been such a successful project that she has replaced the chat operators that were answering questions only during office hours. Camila does it 24/7 everyday of the year, no matter if it is a holiday or not.

Currently Camila is text to speech capable, which allows disabled users to ask Camila for information regarding student loans, that previously were on the website but were unable to be found, due to the lack of accuracy of the tools provided by the website. In terms of efficiency and comparing the regular chat sessions that ICETEX offered back in 2013, ICETEX has lowered its costs in more than 70%. This led Camila to be one of the most cost effective tool that ICETEX has deployed for its users.

In November 2015, Camila won the National Colombian award (Gobierno en Linea 2015) for the best tool implemented for a government entity.

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