Chartboost is the world’s largest games-only technology platform and it helps developers build a business around their creations. The company has the first and only Direct Deals Marketplace with a social network for game developers to connect and negotiate promotional deals to help get their games into the hands of more players as well as generate revenue. Chartboost also offers the industry's most transparent games-only network where developers can test promotional campaigns with more than 200,000 games, identify the best-performing partners and find the best fit for Direct Deals. Chartboost also provides cross-promotion technology completely free of charge so game makers can achieve success with each game launch.

The company reaches 700 million unique users per months in over 150 countries, drives more than 20 billion game sessions per month.

With all of this onsite traffic and mobile games, Chartboost’s knowledge base and FAQ list are enormous. They wanted to ensure their customers could quick and easily find the detailed information they were looking for.

Chartboost averages an 87% self-service rate using Inbenta


That means their customer support department only has to focus on 13% or less of their customer issues.

With Inbenta’s AI-powered, intelligent search, Chartboost enables their developer customers to quickly find their answers and get back to their projects.
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