is a petition website that provides a "freemium" petition tool for more than 100 million users and hosts sponsored campaigns for organizations.'s stated mission is to "empower people everywhere to create the change they want to see." Popular topics of petitions are economic and criminal justice, human rights, education, environmental protection, animals rights, health, and sustainable food.

With thousands of users active on their website every hour, there are sure to be many questions that customers need answered. Whether it is someone signing a petition or starting one, wanted to ensure that their customers were finding the answers to their questions in the most seamless and relevant experience.

They started by implementing Zendesk to their customer support sites and super-powered the search results with Inbenta for Zendesk. Using natural language processing to understand the question, instead of providing keyword matches, made an incredible difference in their self-service support. After seeing incredible results for their English support site, also implemented Inbenta for their Japanese site as well.

“Inbenta makes us and our customers very happy. The implementation was also easier than expected since we only had to add one line of javascript to be up and running. Integrating their intelligent search with our Zendesk has greatly increased our self-service and contact deflection numbers. We are currently using their English and Japanese applications and are already seeing a 7x ROI in both languages.”
Zo Silver
Head of User Advocacy,


What it looks like:

English Support Site

Japanese Support Site