Customer Service Automation

The intelligent interaction automation solution for the banking industry

American consumers will use 5 different channels, on average, by 2025 to converse with a brand

Make your automated conversational experience memorable

Interact with your customers on their favorite channels at any time of the day

Website, mobile, voice assistant, be available for your customers! Our Customer Service Automation solution integrates an enhanced FAQ, a chatbot, an omnichannel voice+chat messenger available 24 hours a day on all the channels your customers use.

Be available at any time of the day and be more responsive to loan subscription requests, account openings, etc.

Engage with your customers. Give them a virtual assistant!

Checking your account balance, applying for a new credit card or life insurance becomes easier!

Our solution interfaces with your CRM, management software, etc. in order to provide personalized answers to your customers 24 hours a day.

Accompany them every step of the way, they will remember it!

They have implemented Inbenta’s Customer Service Automation

Provide support to your agents and reduce your support costs

Give your agents access to our enhanced FAQ, and facilitate their search for information about account opening processing, etc.

Our enhanced FAQ and chatbot modules enable you to reduce the number of incoming contacts by 40% on average.

Freed from time-consuming requests, your agents are now able to improve their response time, making for greater customer satisfaction.

Listen to your customers, they tell you everything!

Analyze your customers’ doubts, questions, and needs through real-time reporting available via our automation platform.

Facilitate the work of your marketing team and offer a remarkable experience to your customers.


Inbenta’ s Customer Service Automation solution at a glance

low code

A low-code platform

A tool designed for marketing teams. A fluid and intuitive back office that doesn’t require complex technical skills.

quick integration

Quick integration

A proven banking/financial lexicon, powerful functionalities and a solution that doesn’t require any training. Integrate a simple line of code into your website and benefit from 15 years of R&D.

transparent IA

Transparent AI

A back office that enables you to understand how the algorithms came up with a specific answer. Your team remains in control of the answers provided by your search solution.

35 languages

35 languages

A multilingual solution that ensures a uniform response to your network.

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