Conversational Lead Generation⁠—Streamline Marketing & Sales Efforts

Running campaigns takes time and effort, but once you’ve drawn visitors to your site, how can you effectively convert them into prospects?

Stop losing your hard-earned traffic and automate lead generation flows. Leverage AI chatbots and virtual assistants and turn browsers into customers.

  • Lead generation chatbots that capture dat
  • Upsell bots that grow your business
  • Proactive chatbots that engage with website visitors
  • In-chat qualification forms that qualify traffic
  • Escalation to live chat with your sales reps
Conversational lead generation

Transform your lead generation


increase in search-to-cart conversions


average return
on investment


need for coding
with visual flows

Get the most out of your lead generation efforts

  • Generate quality leads 24/7

    First impressions are key.

    Welcome your website visitors with a user-friendly channel for them to reach out.

    Leverage data to ping them at the right moment and gather their data while you assist them.

    • Proactive welcome chat that pops up after visitors have spent a few seconds on your landing page.
    • Triggered, personalized messages based on existing user or behavioral data, like pages visited, time spent on the site, exit intent, etc. to encourage conversion and book meetings.
    • Embedded FAQs to answer doubts in the checkout step
    • Semantic search to give better, higher-converting product results.
  • Guide your leads through the sales funnel

    You’ve got your prospects’ email – that’s the first step.

    Keep chatting with your prospects and take the opportunity to gather relevant information as the conversation progresses.

    Automate lead qualification flows in a natural way using conversational AI and hand over ready-to-buy leads to your sales team.

    • Qualify leads using data collection through AI chatbots and virtual assistants. Guide users through a conversation, and automatically ask the right questions to build a more complete buyer profile.
    • Handover qualified leads to your account managers through escalation to a live chat.
  • Establish a loyal customer base to increase upselling and cross-selling

    Acquiring customers is hard. We help you keep them happy and coming for more.

    Create automated flows to recommend products and services based on your customers’ profile and behavior.

    • Use AI virtual assistants to recommend products based on prior purchases or search history.
    • Leverage proactive chatbots to send reminders and offers on contract renewals, product promotions, and more.
    • Help customers easily reach out to your team with seamless escalation to live chat and ticket creation to manage complex cases.

The best conversational experiences
need the best tech stack

Engage and convert website visitors in their own language, 24/7.

  • lead generation escalation
  • multilingual conversational lead generation tool
  • connected conversational lead generation tool
  • conversational lead generation assistance
  • Seamless escalation to live chat
    Hand over the most qualified leads to your sales team

    Convert and qualify leads with automated flows. Escalate highly interested leads to a live chat with your sales representatives, so they can secure proper 1-to-1 meetings while the interest is still there.

  • Multilingual lead generation
    Scale your business and attract prospects from across the world

    Use our NLP and 35+ language Lexicon to understand what your visitors need and create automated flows in your prospects’ language of choice.

  • Connect it with your marketing stack
    Send your leads to your CRM

    Simplify your flows by connecting your lead gen bots to your marketing and CRM tools and build seamless conversion experiences.

  • Professional services to relieve your teams
    Launch your lead gen automation project without IT

    Is your staff too busy to take on the project? Let our tech and linguist teams take the lead!


How to Build a Successful Chatbot

In our ebook, we’ll cover what your IT team needs to bear in mind when building an IT virtual assistant that can help with daily routine tasks.

We’ll also cover the best technologies and approaches to make your project successful.