Knowledge Engineer & Customer Success (Barcelona)

Who are we?

Inbenta Technologies specializes in Natural Language Processing and semantic search to improve the customer experience. Support services such as dynamic FAQs, knowledge management and chatbots improve business website searches, customer self-service, and e-commerce conversions.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for an enthusiastic and talented Botmaster to join our Barcelona office, with future evolution to Customer Success.

We need high energy, fast learners who can adapt and innovate quickly to contribute to our growth.

Your main responsibilities will be:

As a BotMaster


A Botmaster should have strong communication skills, able to lead others (both humans and other bots). Bots can serve as the front line for communications, but a Botmaster will be responsible for overseeing a communications plan through users interactions. That will demand creative communication skills.


Bots should always be improving at communication. Big data, machine learning and AI can assist in scripting responses and calls-to-action, but a Botmaster should excel at creative writing, able to set the tone of chatbots and ensure the personality of the bot is continuously aligned with a brand. They should know what should be trained and what should be delegated to humans for response.

Engineer User experiences:

Technology will no doubt assist in defining and optimizing a conversational user experience but a Botmaster should have strong knowledge and experience leading on user experience design, able to engineer experiences working with our framework and our bot building tools and be able to help make decisions on the best tech stack to meet plans and goals.


A Botmaster will be responsible for leading the discovery. Analytics will help guide their actions, but a Botmaster should be able to act on data and make faster, more informed decisions to execute creative strategies in order to improve the bot.

His/Her daily tasks will be:

  • Review of corpus and knowledges base in order to adapt them to Inbenta’s technology
  • Diversifying strategies to make the most of customers’ data
    • Linguistic analysis within NLP matching purpose
    • Identifying key concepts and how to deal with them
    • Gathering or dividing data
    • Building decision trees
  • Trainings for customers and partners
  • Support and customer satisfaction


  • Academic experience relevant to the role description
  • Strong communication skills (both written and spoken)
  • Proficiency (both written and spoken) in English and Spanish
  • German highly appreciated
  • Any other language is a strong plus
  • Demonstrable knowledge of grammar, linguistics, semantics, lexicography and pragmatics will be highly valued
  • Experience in creating intelligent machines / softwares that work and react like humans e.g. NLP, speech recognition, machine learning…
  • Knowledge of JavaScript, SDK, API or any programing technology as well as some notions in machine learning will be a plus

What do we offer?

  • Full-time position based in Barcelona.
  • At Inbenta we value initiative, creativity, imagination and responsibility. We reward all this with internal promotions.
  • Full training and continuous learning
  • A dynamic and multilingual environment
  • Good work life balance, flexible schedule.
  • Benefits include: Ticket Restaurant.
  • Exchange program in one of our overseas offices (United States, Japan, Brasil, …).

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