Reduce cost per contact with your own voicebot or callbot

Traditional Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) Systems are no longer enough. With customers demanding better service, their limited options often lead to frustration. Discover AI callbots based on natural language understanding and take advantage of being able to:

  • Escalate only relevant calls and requests to your agents
  • Enable voice-activated transactions
  • Reduce call abandonment and waiting times

An AI Voice Agent to Boost Call Center Performance

Leverage voice-based Conversational AI to improve on-call customer service, reduce waiting times and build loyalty among your customers, while cutting costs on support.


of customer interactions

happen by phone


of calls have low-value

and pollute your call center


decrease in waiting times

using a callbot


of companies already use AI

on phone channels

Benefits of AI callbots & voicebots

  • Automate repetitive calls with AI voicebots

    Manage incoming calls and resolve issues without intervention from your agents thanks to Inbenta’s AI voicebots.

    – Understand your customer’s language. Thanks to a large lexicon, the system easily understands queries.
    – Manage simple, repetitive transactions. Inbenta offers integrations and webhooks to enable transactions.

  • Cut costs while outperforming yourself!

    Reduce costs per call by automating a large fraction of your incoming calls.

    – Filter calls depending on relevancy. Hand over to your agents only those complex cases requiring their utmost attention.
    – Let your AI-Powered Voice Agent handle cases.
    End-to-end case management thanks to the best Natural Language Understanding solution.

  • Offer customers 24/7 on-call service

    Provide the best on-call customer service there is at all times with the best technology for your contact center.

    – Eliminate waiting times. Give customers the timely attention they deserve by eliminating wait times altogether.
    – Reduce frustration and abandonment. Many customers will change to a new brand if they feel they can’t reach customer service in an easy and quick way.

Plug it to your contact center software



Connect the best AI technology with robust call center solutions from Genesys. Because we all have our strengths, by combining both solutions, you’ll get the best of both worlds.



Connect the best voice AI to your Avaya platform for unified automated voice communications, and smooth interactions with your contact center software.

NICE InContact


Connect Inbenta AI callbot to your Nice Incontact cloud-based call center software to maximize the quality of leads and minimize the cost of client interaction even more.

What is a callbot? What’s the difference
between a callbot, a voicebot and a smart IVR?

A callbot is a smart voice assistant capable of maintaining a conversation on the phone with customers, understand their requests and provide an answer on its own, 24/7 without waiting times.

Is this a familiar scenario? You call a company number and you are greeted with: Please say “one” to make an order, “two” to make an appointment, “three” for customer service… A callbot aims at making this process more conversational and natural. It’s an evolution of traditional IVRs, which is why they are sometimes called smart IVRs.

A voicebot has a similar purpose and is also voice-activated, but it isn’t necessarily used in phone channels. It might be integrated to a regular chatbot to power voice requests or used in speech recognition devices, such as Alexa, Siri and others.


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