Inbenta Introduces its New Workspace

As part of its continuous evolution, Inbenta is now integrating all its products around a Customer Interaction Management platform, all orchestrated by our unique Symbolic AI. That means that as of September 2020, our customers now enjoy Chatbot development, Live chat conversations, intelligent Search engine and Knowledge management integrated in a simple, easy-to-use interface.

In order to effectively navigate through all Inbenta modules, we proudly introduce the Inbenta Workspace. An area where our customers can have direct access to all the instances of all the modules with easy-to-use shortcuts and comprehensive icons. We detail below the new Workspace functionalities, so read on to see exactly what has changed.

User-friendly instances management

When our customers log in to their Workspace, they’re now greeted with a new screen, that gathers all of their instances and showcases them in a more visual way. Thanks to this new layout with big and user-friendly icons, they can easily identify all of their instances and manage them in a more fluid way.

Inbenta new Workspace

The new Workspace is more than a mere selector: it enables our customers to have direct access to all the different Inbenta modules (Chatbot, Knowledge, Search and Messenger) in the blink of an eye and gives them the ability to sort their instances by product type, creation date or tag them as favorites so they always appear at the top of the page.

Inbenta Workspace instances management

The search function and filters are also very handy as it ensures that our customers can easily find the instance they’re looking for, even if they manage numerous ones. A real game-changer!

Inbenta Workspace search function

New navigation bar

Once logged into a specific instance, the Backstage now features an updated top navigation bar. This sleeker and more functional navigation shows the language and the instance name on the left-hand side, allowing our customers to easily identify which module they’re working on. On the right-hand side of the navigation bar, they can now find an improved set of icons enabling them to access the various Inbenta modules functions, as well as the Lexicon and the Help Center.

Inbenta Workspace navigation bar

They can also access the Workspace from the top navigation bar thanks to a new icon that enables them to navigate between instances. This icon replaces the instance selector in the redesigned navigation bar.

Inbenta Workspace navigation icons

Workspace is smart and only kicks in when you have multiple instances. If a customer only has one instance, the system directly takes you to it without going through the Workspace first.

Workspace personalization

Our customers can now access a new “Global Settings” screen that displays the current configuration of their instances and also allows them to update some of the settings.

Inbenta Workspace personalization

This is particularly useful as it enables them to personalize the instance’s name and description as well as add an image. This personalization is then visible in the Workspace, making each instance easily recognizable.

All these changes are the result of our constant drive for improvement, ensuring that our customers work with a state-of-the-art back-office that provides them with the best user experience possible.

If you’d like to try the Inbenta Customer Interaction Management Platform functionalities, our Backstage and new Workspace, click below to benefit from our TRY FOR FREE option.

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