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Webinar Recording: How Chatbots Can Help Drive Business Success

Missed the webinar? You can still download the recording for How Chatbots Can Help Drive Business Success.


Due to a recent resurgence into the mainstream technology landscape, companies like Inbenta have been receiving a large amount of inquiries surrounding chatbots. Coupled with the increasing demand for customer support 24/7, chatbots are predicted to be the key to strengthening the user experience without relying on a live agent. The benefits to this shift can be vital to a business looking to cut support and operation costs without sacrificing an engaging customer experience.

To increase awareness and provide clarity on this booming industry, Inbenta hosted a 45-minute, in-depth discussion covering everything about deploying chatbots for business.


Topics that are covered include…

  • Why chatbots are such a hot topic and what the future holds for chatbots.
  • How intelligent chatbots can improve customer loyalty and increase revenue.
  • How important chatbots and Hybrid Chat are to the self-service experience.


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