We now power Ticketmaster and Live Nation in over 25 countries

The world’s leading live entertainment company, Live Nation Entertainment, has updated their customer service portal with Inbenta technologies!

Being the largest live ticket vendor in the world means that there are many transactions happening every second on Ticketmaster and Live Nation’s websites. These thousands of customers have thousands of questions and they are looking for answers as soon as possible. Ticketmaster wanted to improve their customer’s search results and has implemented Inbenta into their customer service experience.

Visit Ticketmaster or Live Nation’s help center to experience Inbenta’s natural language search and instant answers capabilities. For example, in the “Contact Us” section where one can select to send an email query, notice the instant answers that appear as a topic is selected. The answers provided are the top three questions commonly asked by a similar user. If the customer does not select any of those answers, they are asked to pick another topic, which will again offer a set of commonly asked questions. This feature saves the customer the trouble of writing out an email and it saves the company time and money from having to answer repetitive questions.

We are so proud to be supporting Live Nation Entertainment. If you would like more information about natural language search or instant answers, schedule a demo to see what we can do to optimize your customer service experience.

Inbenta Team
by Inbenta Team