Travel Club chooses Inbenta technology to implement their online help service- January 2008

Travel Club chooses Inbenta technology to implement their online help service - January 2008

The assistant, based on natural language, is available on all of Travel Clubs pages in order to respond to all types of questions and familiarize members with the program and catalog products.

Inbenta, company that develops and distributes specialized software for interactive management with clients and end users, has been chosen by Travel Club for the implementation of its natural language solution as a search tool in their online help service at their webpage

The Inbenta Semantic Search Engine, which acts as an agent in Travel Clubs customer service, is available in all of the pages of the portal, with the objective to respond all types of inquiries in order to approximate, in a simple and effective manner, the advocacy program and the catalog products to members. “It is one more step towards two main objectives, the approximation to clients and innovation,” states Francisca Huélamo, Information Technology Director of Travel Club.

Furthermore, this virtual assistant is based on Inbenta’s new technology, semantic search engine, that allows clients to make inquiries in their own words, as if they were talking with a live agent.

This way, questions as concrete as “How can I become a member of the program’ ‘what companies give Travel Club points?’ or ‘Are there plasma TVs in the catalog?” have as the answer a direct link to member login, sponsoring companies or the gift catalog of Travel Club. On the other hand, the modeling of the answers of the search engine allows giving fewer results, but with higher relevancy and accuracy, in relation to the context area of navigation were the questions are made.

The election of Inbenta was made after evaluating that the traditional search engines that had been developed internally by Travel Club in their webpage could not provide a direct and significant answer to many of the questions made by members. One of the differential values of Inbenta Software is its capacity to update in real time; The conversations and concepts are registered in a data base in the systems in order to help future searches, thus making it possible to update the system in real time in accordance to the client’s needs. “For us, it supposes an innovation compared to the limitations of keyword based search engines, as well as permitting constant learning and continuous improvement of contents and answers. Only four weeks after the implementation of the assistant, we obtained a level of 86% correct answers,” adds Huélamo.

According to Jordi Torras, CEO of Inbenta, “The success of the implementation is not only providing better customer service to the members with relevant results and orientating them directly to the service they are looking for in a simple and efficient manner, but it allows Travel Club the possibility to daily monitor the search engine activities, management reports and the fast update of questions and answers focused on the client’s needs.” The proof of this is the extension of this application for internal use, in order to help call center agents make their own searches and offer a direct service in a more efficient way.

Inbenta Team
by Inbenta Team