Ticketmaster goes live with Inbenta-powered chat widget

Exciting news! Getting tickets to your favorite events just got a whole lot easier if you’re a Ticketmaster customer.

Ticketmaster UK announced recently it had officially launched a new chat widget to deliver much-needed customer support throughout the online purchase process. Powered by Inbenta AI/Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies, the pilot program aims to provide a better online experience for customers and more efficient, profitable business for the company.

Simpler navigation, easier purchasing

The Ticketmaster chat widget features enhanced on-site search by mobilizing the company’s FAQ database to increase customer self-service on the site and to reduce customer effort when making a purchase. The solution combines the expansive Ticketmaster knowledge base and Inbenta NLP software to create an engaging, informative chat platform that understands the intent and meaning of customers’ questions, rather than relying on outdated, text-based search that can often return limited or no relevant results.

The company can observe and analyze user trends and customer search queries to continuously tweak its pre-programmed FAQ and make it easy for customers to find the information they want without having to contact customer support. The chat widget also eliminates the inconvenience (and negative impacts on conversion) of customers having to navigate to a different page when seeking help. Instead, they can open the chat box and position it anywhere on the screen they wish, allowing them to see the background site information and the answers to their question at the same time.

In addition, Ticketmaster can use what the customer is typing into the widget to identify any unexpected error messages that they are experiencing and report errors to the relevant internal team for faster resolution.

In the future, the company anticipates rolling out the chat widget to new markets worldwide and using it not just for self-service, but also as a key up-selling tool that automatically pops and displays content specific to related services or special promotions.

Until then, customers can enjoy something few other sites offer: the ability to get answers to straightforward questions on their own terms without having to call, email, or otherwise rely on a customer service agent for help.


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Inbenta Team
by Inbenta Team