Chatbots and bitcoin

Three ways chatbots can work with Bitcoin

Intelligent chatbots can combine with Bitcoin to provide a service which can transform the way companies work in the future.

Inventions from across humanity have been able to save the one thing that is impossible to stop – time. The wheel, electricity, the internet, fire; the list is endless.

The 21st century looks to follow this trend with two innovations. The chatbot is proven to reduce customer service times while Bitcoin can ensure international transactions take place faster than ever before.

Individually, both will transform companies for the better but the chatbot could act as the engine to power this new revolutionary currency – benefiting companies, merchants and customers.

Do you want to save millions of dollars?

Ask this question to any multinational company and they will probably be wondering how they are going to get you out of their building and fire whoever set up an appointment in the first place.

But hear it out. Bitcoin offers cheaper international transactions than ever before while chatbots can be dedicated to simplify the process. A bot can be created to scheduled payments, make the transfers and provide balances among other services.

Not only will these benefit large companies but it will also help merchants and individuals who can now search for bargains/sellers from all around the world. Instead of vacationing in remote countries with cheaper t-shirts, you can now purchase them from the comfort of your couch.

Transferring money – as simple as sending a text:

Emails are dying out amongst millennials who have discovered that communicating online should be just like face to face conversations.

With this in mind, is it too outlandish to imagine that instead of logging into another app and going through the transaction process or remembering bank account details, you could simply write “Send James $50” to wire money to a friend on social media?

As you are conversing with the recipient’s account you can be secure in the knowledge that you will be sending the money to the right person. In addition, bots on your account can be programmed to retain your information – such as a pin number to decrypt your Bitcoin wallet – in order to make transactions seamless.

Chipping in for a birthday present or paying for last night’s bar tab could become a whole lot easier.

Bitcoin chatbot: your personal trader

Trading money used to be a job which even the most committed and caffeine-fueled stock brokers could not work 24/7. The chatbot is the game changer.

Chatbots are able to talk to financial exchanges and buy/sell for you by reacting to the movements of the markets. Trading bots themselves are not a new entity but the Bitcoin market adds an additional dimension.

Within it, chatbots can have direct market access (DMA), giving access to the electronic order books. This is important because it allows individuals to program their bots to make better-informed decisions by seeing who is buying/selling the stock and what is driving the market.

The Bitcoin bandwagon is already on its way. Combining it with a chatbot ensures it will not run out of steam and will reach a destination beneficial to all parties.

Inbenta utilizes its patented natural language processing and +11 years of research & development to create interactive chatbots with an industry leading +90% self-service rate.

Companies around the world including Ticketmaster UK utilize the InbentaBot to maintain a personal service for their customers while reducing support tickets.

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