5 Ways to Manage Incoming Emails

Contrary to what one might think, the use of email to reach customer service is still on the rise. There are many reasons for this:

E-commerce Chatbot: Serving Customer Recommendation

Revenue generated by e-commerce websites keeps on rising, reaching approximately 547 billion dollars in 2019 in the US only. (Source). Consumers, who are increasing in number and becoming more demanding, face a multitude of sites…

What is Digital Self-Service?

Digital self-service allows internet users to gain autonomy on a web page. Find out what user needs require the implementation of such a solution, what are the different self-service solutions available today and if its…

The Inbenta Dictionary Builder

Inbenta’s NLP is informed by a large and comprehensive Lexicon Dictionary that includes hundreds of thousands of semantic relationships that model every component of a language and the world it describes. This Lexicon Dictionary makes…

Are Chatbots Actually Automating People?

Automation is pretty cool. It shields us from mundanity, and gives us back time and resources we could better spend on more fun or productive things (or perhaps just things that we haven’t figured out how to automate yet). Because of the allure of automation, bots are sometimes perceived as a threat to humans, particularly […]

AI sport, it’s in the game

This article looks at the practical applications of artificial intelligence AI in Sport. How long before every athlete is AI-powered?

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