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Instant Answers for Inbenta Email Management

Inbenta's Email and Ticketing System allows companies to deal with large volumes of customer emails and online forms quickly and effectively.

These online forms allow users to enter their question or concern without actually having to use an Email client software. But often, an existent knowledge base could solve the user’s problem without even having to send the Email.

That’s why Inbenta presents “Instant Answers” for our Email management system, it allows users to intelligently find the information they need using our Natural Language platform even before an Email is sent, in real time, while the Email is being typed.

Whenever the customer is not finding a satisfactory answer, or the existing answers are not solving his/her problem, an actual mail is sent, and ticket is registred in Inbenta’s high-performance ticketing system.

Check out how Instant Answers works in this video:

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by Inbenta Team