Inbenta weekly digest–October 10, 2016

Noted journalist and TV personality Charlie Rose interviewed a human-like robot on 60 Minutes this week. While the interview went about as well as could be expected--Rose asked if “Sophia” had been programmed; his question was answered with silence--it did pique our interest and excitement about artificial intelligence in the mainstream media.

Without further ado, here’s “This week in….AI”

The combination of human & artificial intelligence will define humanity’s future (TechCrunch)
From the writings of Isaac Asimov to Terminator and Doctor Who, we have seen visions of future intelligence that have influenced how we all imagine our machine-filled future. Using our natural intelligence and the external extensions of intelligence we’ve progressively built over the last millennium, we have now developed tools of creation such as genomics, synthetic biology and robotics that literally allow us to program our existence in any way we can imagine. We have progressed from players to makers of the game.
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The administration’s report on the future of artificial intelligence (
To ready the United States for a future in which artificial intelligence (AI) plays a growing role, the White House is releasing a report on future directions and considerations for AI called Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence. This report surveys the current state of AI, its existing and potential applications within society and public policy,  and recommendations for  further actions.
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Artificial intelligence disrupting the business of law (Financial Times)
As more law firms become familiar with terms such as machine learning and data mining, they are creating tech-focused jobs like “head of research and development” or hiring coders or artificial intelligence (AI) experts. “Lawtech” start-ups, often set up by ex-lawyers, use technology to streamline or automate routine aspects of legal work.
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Expedia plans to use artificial intelligence for customer service (Skift)
There has been serious talk about artificial intelligence in travel for the past couple of years. While Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi wasn’t talking about implementing artificial intelligence for customer service in the next quarter or two, be assured that Expedia and others are working hard on it.
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