Inbenta reports over 100% growth in U.S. revenue

We recently announced our first quarter 2015 results reporting a 117 percent year-over-year increase in revenue for our U.S. segment. We have many other incredible growth statistics and a new office to boot!

We have relocated our U.S. headquarters to a new and larger space in in San Mateo, California to support this continued growth with U.S. clients including Ticketmaster, Franklin Planner, Box, and Schlage Locks among many others.

This is the highest quarter logged since expanding beyond the European market in 2012.

Founded in Barcelona, Inbenta’s largest market continues to be Spain; however, the gap is rapidly closing with the U.S. only slightly behind – by roughly 6% – in overall sales. Inbenta also operates in France, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, Chile, and Amsterdam.

“We set out with the goal for U.S. expansion only a few short years ago and thanks to a dedicated and capable team, we’ve exceeded expectations,” said Jordi Torras, CEO & Co-Founder of Inbenta. “Internationalization has always been a priority, particularly because customer support and search are universal challenges for every online business. We’re thrilled to be celebrating this growth phase with the opening of our new global headquarters and the expansion of our team.”

Growth Highlights:

  • 117% growth in U.S. market from Q1 2014 to Q1 2015
  • 100% growth in U.S. market from Q1 2013 to Q1 2014
  • Spanish market leads U.S. slightly, by approximately 6%
  • Brazil and France are the next fastest growing markets
  • 60% Yearly Growth Rate Globally
  • Customer retention rate 99%

Inbenta first came to Silicon Valley as part of a joint effort between the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and Plug & Play, which welcomed ten Catalan enterprises including Inbenta into the incubation and acceleration program. After three years at the Plug & Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale, California, Inbenta will be opening the doors to its new global headquarters located at 777 Mariners Island Blvd. in San Mateo, California. With 2,100 square feet of new space, the company now has capacity to increase its headcount as it actively adds to its operations, sales, marketing and leadership functions. Included in this leadership expansion, CTO Jordi Prats, who has been with the company since 2006, will now be running technical operations from in the San Mateo headquarters.

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Inbenta Team
by Inbenta Team