Inbenta ranked among top AI companies by Crunchbase/Forbes

Crunchbase, the world’s go-to database for innovative companies and products, recently released its list of the Top 25 Artificial Intelligence (AI) startups worldwide, with Inbenta checking in at #11.

CrunchBase’s Top 25 AI Companies

The report, published by Forbes Magazine, shows that the 250+ artificial intelligence (AI) startups in its records have combined to raise more than $1.6 billion in funding collectively, with more than 75% earning two funding rounds since 2015.

Of course, the report came out well before our announcement of an oversubscribed Series B funding round of $12 million that pushes Inbenta into the Top-10 on the list. The pre-announcement funding guesstimate that landed us within the top 15 slots is a testament to the buzz and already growing excitement around our business and customers.

While funding figures might not describe the quality, depth, or inventiveness of the AI companies, the fact that the majority of the funding has occurred in just the past two years is an important sign of investor interest in the AI sector. Part of that interest could stem from other recent reports projecting the AI market to exceed $5 billion globally in just the next four years and as much as $11 billion by 2024, driven largely by advances in healthcare AI and demand for commercial enterprise AI systems.

Looking ahead, Inbenta is well-positioned to capitalize on the increasing need for enterprise AI companies. Already a market leader in AI-powered solutions for customer support, self-service, and semantic search, Inbenta continues to deliver new opportunities for globally-minded companies to connect, engage, and retain customers around the world with the release of chatbots for Facebook Messenger, along with new integrations for class-leading help desk software such as Zendesk.

It’s an exciting time in the AI world. You can read more about the future of the AI market in Tractica’s Artificial Intelligence for Enterprise Applications or schedule a free consultation to discuss flexible AI solutions available for your business right now.


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