Inbenta in Conversion Conference, San Francisco April 15-17, 2013

Jordi Torras, CEO of Inbenta will present the latest trends on natural language processing and how it can increase conversion rates for your website.

Whether you're a marketing director trying to get a greater return on your ad spend, the owner of an online business, an ecommerce or product marketer or interactive designer, Conversion Conference will teach you how to make your website convert more visitors into leads and buyers.

Search engines have used natural language processing and semantics for a while now, but marketers have yet to harness the potential of using natural language search on their sites to boost search-to-buy conversions. The latest theoretical frameworks like meaning-text theory and lexical functions can lift conversion rates by as much as 40%.

Come see Jordi Torras, CEO of Inbenta, letting you know what you’re missing out on with your standard on-site search, and peer into the not-so-distant future when websites can infer, or even predict, what visitors are looking for.

See complete information about the conference here.

Inbenta Team
by Inbenta Team