The Inbenta Dictionary Builder

Inbenta's NLP is informed by a large and comprehensive Lexicon Dictionary that includes hundreds of thousands of semantic relationships that model every component of a language and the world it describes.

This Lexicon Dictionary makes Inbenta's AI superior in many aspects, particularly to simplistic, brute-force machine learning approaches that rely on massive, tagged textual training data, which is often either scarce or totally nonexistant in the corporate world.

So, in order to implement a good degree of AI for Natural Language Processing, we need to understand language. Language can differ for vertical sectors, companies and sometimes even different departments within the same company.

Therefore we proudly announce our new application the Inbenta Dictionary Builder.

The Inbenta Dictionary Builder

We’re pleased to announce we’ve launched a new application called the Inbenta Dictionary Builder. This new application will allow you to manage, optimize and customize the Dictionary used by the linguistic engine (NLP) in your Inbenta instances.

If you wish to make changes to the Dictionary while test matching with the Debug Tool, this is now possible thanks to this new application, accessible directly from your Inbenta instance.

inbenta dictionary builder


What is this for?

Let’s imagine we have a project that has a FAQ about “How do I request a new sim?”. The word “sim” is related in our Dictionary with words like micro_sim, puk and so on.

With the new Dictionary Builder application, you can alter the lexical relationships between words. For example, you can add a new relationship between “chip” and “sim”.

Now if the user asks “Can I order a new chip?”, the corresponding content “How do I request the sim card?” will be displayed.

The purpose of the new Dictionary Builder application is to give you access to the words that make up the dictionary of your instances, have visibility on the relationships between them and allow you to alter these relationships to get optimized results and greater relevance in these answers.

What can I do?

With this release, the following functionalities will be made available (which will be expanded in future versions):

  • Create new lexical relationships between words, e.g. between “sim” and “chip”
  • View and/or remove related words: exact synonyms, semantic similarity or related meaning
  • Eliminate existing relationships
  • Identify, disable and restore the changes made in your Dictionary

What are the next steps?

Inbenta’s Dictionary Builder application is published and ready to use now!

We recognize that it is fundamental to understand the application better and become familiar with its features. For this reason, we’ll be sending you detailed documentation and help videos very soon. If for any reason you wish to disable access to the new Dictionary Builder application for the users of your organization, you can request this through the Support Center or by notifying your Account Manager.

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