Inbenta and Verbio boost their semantic speech analytics solution

The competitive advantage tends to bring forward the needs of the market with more speed and visibility than the competence. And nothing can tell you more about your market than the voice of the customers.

Although your contact center records the conversations with customers, the huge quantity of recordings exceeds quickly your capacity to check and analyze it. As a result, you could ignore incalculable information and your business would renounce to the opportunities that make a real difference with the customers, and about your profit.

The quality of the service is not represented, by a simple sampling and, thus, a wider and more global analysis is required, what would be unviable manually.

The evolution of the new generation technologies “Speech Analytics” from Verbio ( together with the new technology of “semantic clustering” from Inbenta ( allow to do a complete analysis of the stored recordings of your contact center, and to extract some reliable conclusions based on your customer language: the natural language.

Inbenta Team
by Inbenta Team