GOL Airlines Launches New Features for its Virtual Assistant with Inbenta

It is now possible to perform processes such as check-in and reservation management via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp chatbot and check-in

GOL, a brasilian airlines who has been a customer of Inbenta since 2016, has launched new features to enhance the capabilities of GAL, the airline’s virtual assistant, on WhatsApp.

Still unprecedented in the segment, the platform was launched at the end of last year. Until then, WhatsApp was only used as a pilot channel, used by customers to ask questions to human agents, without any bot involved.

As a consequence of the new developments, GOL customers are now able to check-in through WhatsApp. This new feature comes along with new services such as reservation management, flight status and time information, baggage information, special assistance, and seat selection.

Contactless new services

The goal behind these new improvements is to reduce physical contact, especially in a pandemic context, avoiding totems or counter service, without the need to download a specific application.

“About 35% of the people who needed to check-in were able to complete it through this solution. We are very happy with the partnership with Inbenta and I believe we will still work on more innovations together,” says Elisa Midore, Customer Relationship Manager at GOL.

Powered by Inbenta’s innovative AI

Besides the assistant’s new options, users can also ask open questions to the device, using natural language. Thanks to conversational AI, they are analyzed by the bot which can then understand the context and the meaning behind the words.

It understands what users are saying despite typos, spelling errors, slang and jargon. It also includes emojis to add visual experience without having to generate images, and without breaking the conversational flow.

The project was aimed at turning the application into something simple for the consumer, using cutting-edge development, and it involved Inbenta globally. It has already generated interest from other airlines, including international ones. 

“The team did a great job and went above and beyond to ensure the user experience is pleasant, and fully integrated with GOL. It now solves most queries in a few seconds, using Inbenta platform’s maximum potential”, says Ángel Trujillo, country manager for Inbenta Brazil.

To learn more about how GOL uses Inbenta to relieve pressure on its call center and improve customer experience,
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