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Facebook bot boom: how the social media chatbot can make you money

The Facebook bot boom shows no signs of slowing down with 80% of businesses revealing they want a chatbot by 2020. But how do they make you money?

Forget becoming a teen idol, a role model or even the world’s biggest superstar. There is one thing that our athletes, musicians and film stars have strived to become since Michael Jordan first managed it thirty years ago – a multi-million dollar brand.

The way to do it now? Through social media. Stars are now able to offer more access than ever before to their fans while pumping out advertising for a range of glossy products for the trending conscious millennials.

Businesses have jumped on board too and are starting to realize that there is one solution which can provide a perfect scenario of increased customer engagement on all forms of social media while fattening their pockets. That solution? Chatbots.

Facebook bot: a personal experience on social media

People spend up to nine hours a day on social media. Our addiction to them lies in part by the sense of excitement when someone takes the time to interact with us – be it in the form of likes, messages, retweets or follows.

To replicate this, brands need to engage personally with users on social media instead of simply employing it as a gateway to their website in the form of links.

The perfect recipe to do this is the Facebook bot which can provide customers with the exact information they are looking for while also delivering the content you want to push. The result is a personal, interactive experience for each individual – increasing their satisfaction with your brand and your profit margins in the long term.

Natural language processing: the secret ingredient for the Facebook bot

At the heart of the best recipes lie that special ingredient which makes it stand out. With chatbots, this is robust natural language processing (NLP).

When people are using social media they are in the mindset of using chatty, informal language. Why employ a chatbot which will not be able to understand this? This is where NLP technology comes in.

By understanding the intent behind each user conversation, NLP helps chatbots recognize exactly what the customer wants to know or do. Giving the users exactly what they want will ensure they keep coming back to you time and time again.

Chatbot: always available

If you were to list the most common functions you use a cell phone for, actually ringing someone would probably not rank as high as it once did. In fact, more than a third of customers prefer using social media as opposed to the phone to contact customer support.

In addition, customers expect an almost instant response – nearly half demanding an answer within an hour.

Fortunately, chatbots can cater for both of these consumer desires. They are available 24 hours a day and can handle multiple people at the same time while providing answers almost immediately.

Chatbot transactions: your e-personal shopper

In retail stores, personal shoppers will ensure they are with you at every stage of the purchase. In a clothing store, they will help pick out items, ensure you can try them to see if they fit and will assist with buying, all the while answering any questions you might have. Why can this not be replicated online?

Chatbots are able to do this on the likes of Facebook and Skype. Through it, customers will be able to answer all queries before finally performing the transaction – providing a seamless experience.

Making the most of your data

While bots can provide immediate benefits to both customer and business, by utilizing the data generated, companies can ensure this is sustaining over the long term.

Chatbots can help you understand user habits such as the frequency in which they are online, their interests, future plans and location among many other details. This allows businesses to tailor the updates they might send to ensure they are as personal as the chatbot.

In the past, customer experience has been an expensive investment. Employing a chatbot on social media will ensure it becomes a far more rewarding one for the customer and the company.

Inbenta utilizes its patented natural language processing and +11 years of research & development to create an interactive Facebook bot with an industry leading +90% self-service rate.

Companies around the world including Ticketmaster UK utilize the Inbenta Chatbot to maintain a personal service for their customers while reducing support tickets.

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