Clients change their inquiries- February 2009

The inquiries of bank users take a radical turn and focus on non-payment.

Changes. This is the key concept to confront the current situation. In a time of null growth, changes are noticed in every sphere and area of the economy. In this case, banking has not passed unnoticed and is also suffering variations.

Clear examples where changes have turned in 180º are the inquiries made by clients of online banking. It seems as if the inordinate concerns for mortgage of only a year ago has given way to a high number of inquiries related to non-payment, receipt delay or refinancing of debt, accumulated over the years of expansion. Thus, it seems as if investing in a home is no longer an interest for users of financial services.

In concrete, and according to a study made by Inbenta, the most frequently asked questions in the present are focused in four main themes, loans, mortgage, invoice annulment and long term payment with credit cards. The first category has not experienced relevant changes. However, a decrease of about 18,5% has been detected related to inquiries about mortgage. Opposed to this amount, it is possible to detect a raise of about 45% in the inquiries related to annulment or non-payment of invoices. The queries about payments with credit cards have not suffered any relevant variation.

New Concerns

If we analyze the results in a more detailed approach, we can extract some of the most common questions. “I want to file a non-payment order, I want to cancel the direct debit of a receipt, how can I return a receipt or how can I cancel an account,” are only a few of the inquiries made by clients of diverse Banks in Spain, obtained in this study in the recent months.

The analysis

The report has been possible due to the software created by Inbenta that allows users to localize relevant results for their inquiries in a simple manner and in their own words. Above this, the tool counts with a system that provides statistics and reports.

With this powerful software, companies may implant a true multichannel customer service, enhancing online self service and assuring relevant answers to user questions 24 hours a day, all year.

Inbenta Team
by Inbenta Team