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Discover what’s new in improving self-service and allowing customers to answer their own questions with knowledge bases and automated chatbots.

What’s New in Customer Service Trends for 2022?

Digital transformation has shifted to a new phase where businesses must compete to differentiate themselves in the digital landscape and provide services that cater to employee and customer demands alike. 2022 will see new trends that will redefine the customer service landscape – what’s new this year?

Live Chat Support Tips for 2022 and Beyond

Customer demands have shifted towards digital channels, 24/7 services from multiple devices, but they still demand personalized interactions with humans. How do modern live chat support systems leverage digital tools to deliver the best of both worlds to customers?

What is Digital Self-Service?

Digital self-service allows internet users to gain autonomy on a web page. Find out what user needs require the implementation of such a solution, what are the different self-service solutions available today and if its…

Are Chatbots Actually Automating People?

Automation is pretty cool. It simply refers to a wide range of technologies that reduce human intervention in processes, especially those that are time-consuming and repetitive. But bots are sometimes perceived as a threat to…

How to Boost your Digital Customer Experience

With the rise of digital channels and online shopping in the past decades, digital customer experience has become extremely important for companies around the globe in order to attract and retain customers. So as a…