CatalunyaCaixa responds to their clients’ questions with the technology of Inbenta

Inbenta was the company selected by CatalunyaCaixa to implement the latest version of its advanced semantic search engine in its Internet portal.

The solution implemented by CatalunyaCaixa combines the technology of auto-complete and predictive search with the semantic search engine, along with the module of dynamic questions and response assessments. Furthermore, it incorporates the module of campaigns and banners relevant to the context in order to boost the user’s access to useful information according to their queries.

“The interest CatalunyaCaixa has in client satisfaction has led them to develop this solution, which provides users the appropriate steps and settles doubts quickly and efficiently”, says Julio Prada, Director of Inbenta. “This project can be taken as an example of the success reached by semantic search engines in this sector, where client satisfaction is paramount”.


In order to complete the search engine of CatalunyaCaixa, Inbenta focused on the concerns of its users, who formulated their questions in different ways which varied according to each individual’s skill and experience.

The search engines that Inbenta puts forth ignore “how” the question was written in order to focus on “what” it means, applying linguistic algorithms. This is how they achieve better results in score and relevancy than traditional search engines, and better results for the user.

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Inbenta Team
by Inbenta Team