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IT Support Automation—Improve IT Service Desks with AI

If you’re struggling to quickly communicate, prioritize and solve internal IT issues, transform your process with a Conversational AI platform.

Automate repetitive, low-value-added IT requests, and simplify the daily lives of your system administration teams while improving performance and support!

  • Virtual assistants for IT
  • Escalation to IT support teams
  • Self-serve help center and smart FAQ
  • Centralized, semantic search
  • Unified ticket management
IT Helpdesk

Transform your IT Helpdesk


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3-layered IT support for
improved company performance

  • Provide real-time service information to all your employees

    Are you tired of drafting service downtime emails? Does your team spend hundreds of hours helping employees navigate through the company’s tech stack?

    Free your IT team’s time so they can focus on what really matters: supporting and improving your infrastructure.

    • Guide employees autonomously with smart FAQs and centralized search through configuring printers, installing software, and more.
    • Use automation to send updates anytime there is downtime or a system update through Slack, Teams, or other preferred internal channels.
  • Troubleshooting simplified

    Most IT issues come from easy-to-solve user mistakes or easy-to-change misconfiguration.

    Guide employees so they can troubleshoot their own IT issues without help from your agents.

    • Our chatbot solution helps you detect common issues within employee requests, and allows you to create automated check-up flows, so all easy-to-fix issues aren’t escalated to your IT teams.
    • Live chat and ticketing solution that receives more complex, escalated tickets from your chatbot and creates relevant tickets in Jira or other management tools in order to simplify and speed up the closure of IT issues.
  • Leave password resets and routine tasks to a smart chatbot

    Stop wasting time and energy in repeated, low-value tasks.

    Easily set up automated processes for recurrent requests your IT team spends a ton of time handling.

    • Leverage IT virtual assistants to reset passwords, automate permission requests and handle 1-level queries.
    • Reroute complex requests to a live chat with your team and automatically create a ticket.
    • Manage user provisioning
    • Handle software and hardware update requests, such as laptop replacement requests.

Hear it from our customers

Charlie G.

Sr Director, Global Operations
Information Technology, 501-1000 employees

Great product and partnership

Inbenta is always looking for ways to improve their software. They are a great partner to work with and always available to customize based on client requirements.

Daniel H.

Support Tech Engineer
Computer Software, 51-200 employees

Wonderful product

The chatbot saves so much time and gets answers with little labor from humans. The bot lets you focus on important issues and helps mitigate support cases. Highly recommend Inbenta!

Keisuke I.

Sr Manager
Information Technology, 5001-10,000 employees

AI chatbot with semantic search engine

Inbenta AI chatbot responds with highly accurate answers to end users’ questions even without pre-training by yourself. Moreover, it has a customer portal, 3D avatars, RESTful APIs for integration, and so on.

The best tech stacks complement each other

Your IT teams make sure your systems and infrastructures are always functioning well.
Our platform makes sure they’re freed from low-value employee queries that don’t require their expertise so they can focus on more complex, critical issues for your organization.

  • IT chatbot
  • omnichannel IT helpdesk
  • IT support
  • Our bots speak IT, but in many languages
    AI that speaks your employees’ language

    Support all employees no matter the region with our proprietary lexicons available in 35+ languages. Understand their requests without any translations or training needed thanks to a unique NLP & AI mix.

  • Connect the platform to your IT support tools
    We integrate with all the apps you use!

    Whether you use the Google or the Microsoft suite or communicate through Teams or Slack, we’ve got you covered. Head to our Inbenta AppHub and discover the countless integrations available to you.

  • Our teams at your service
    All your needs, covered.

    Automating IT flows is easier than it seems. Our teams can help you kickstart your projects and ensure they reach your goals.


How to Build a Successful Chatbot

In our ebook, we’ll cover what your IT team needs to bear in mind when building an IT virtual assistant that can help with daily routine tasks.

We’ll also cover the best technologies and approaches to make your project successful.