Alterra Mountain Company
Case Study

Alterra Mountain needed a chatbot that can integrate seamlessly with their existing customer contact platform, has the capability of natural language processing, and frees up their agents to answer the more important questions to improve customer service.

Project overview

Alterra Mountain owns and operates a range of recreation, hospitality, real-estate development, food and beverage and retail businesses. 

In order to serve their customers better, Alterra Mountain was looking for a solution that can help with their volume in their call center. They wanted their customer service professionals to cut back on some of the unnecessary time they were spending on simple questions. The agents were getting the same questions over and over like “what is the snow like today on the mountain?” or “how much is the ski path?”. They wanted their agents to be freed up for more in depth and complicated questions.

Alterra Mountain knew they needed a solution that integrates seamlessly with their current call center platform and a chatbot that can handle natural language processing. After interviewing a few different providers, they ended up choosing Inbenta because they knew this solution would be able to understand the terminology of the ski industry.

Alterra Mountain challenges

Seamless integration

with existing platform

More time for agents

to answer complex questions

Natural Language Processing

to understand the ski industry terminology

The solution

After the Inbenta solution was put in place and it seamlessly integrated with the call center platform, it was put to the test. It was launched right when the pandemic started and Alterra Mountain was getting question after question… questions that were new and unique to 2020 and 2021. The chatbot helped out frustrated customers and the agents were freed up for escalation scenarios. Inbenta’s chatbot was doing its job!

An extra bonus for Alterra Mountain is the analytics that the chatbot provides. They enjoy seeing how people interact with the chatbot, what they say, how they talk, and how many sessions it handles for them. It’s a big learning opportunity to get to know their customers better.

Alterra Mountain performance dashboard

“By introducing this chatbot functionality almost a year ago, it has improved customer service. In the past, people would have to email in, or give us a phone call to ask simple questions like ‘are you open?’ ‘Is it snowing?’ Sometimes they’d wait online to talk to somebody for five minutes, an hour, two hours. Adding in the Inbenta chatbot has been amazing, and then of course the AI aspect to it where it just develops and grows. It’s been significantly helpful for us. It frees up our agents now who can then focus on those more complicated questions. It definitely improves our service levels.”

David Harrison
Contact Center Analyst at Alterra Mountain

Benefits for Alterra

With the chatbot handling 90%-95% of interactions, the customer service agents are now free to give even better customer service for those tough questions or escalated calls from customers.

After the initial set up, Alterra Mountain is now able to integrate the Inbenta solution with a lot of the other destinations as well. It is getting rolled out to more of the many different contact centers at Alterra Mountain.

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Vanessa Day, Digital Content Specialist, sees other resorts and agents ecstatic about Inbenta’s chatbot:

We’ve actually rolled it out on three other resort websites. And it’s in the works for two more to go live in the next month. And the agents are loving it, they’re over the moon about it. They keep saying “we just love this thing!” It’s great.

Vanessa Day
Digital Content Specialist at Alterra Mountain

In 2020, Alterra Mountain chatbot received

120,000 queries

and handled

90%-95% of interactions

on its own.

With Inbenta’s solution, Alterra Mountain is now able to reduce agent burn out and customer satisfaction can improve by getting their simple questions answered by the bot and having their more complex needs answered by an agent.

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