Search Automation

Product Search that
turns clicks to buys

Step this way… into customer mode.

  • When looking for the perfect little black dress, you don’t want to scroll through 3 pages of colored dresses.
  • Maybe you want to chip in for a gift. But why do you need to know exactly what the bank calls a wire transfer?
  • You type in international shipping. Why does that most frustrating line — no queries match your search —  pop up?!

With Inbenta you engage customers in an online experience that matches the real world.

Their search has the INBENTA superpower

Remove ‘No Results’ frustration

Full e-commerce solution:

  • Search
  • Search + Chatbot
  • Omnichannel agents (voice + chat)
  • Product & catalog search

“We realized results incredibly fast after implementing Inbenta. From the first day, we saw a reduction in inbound calls, emails, and live chat sessions.”

Customer service tools and product manager, e-commerce company

Reduce customer service queries and support costs

Give customers
better answers, faster.

  • Instant answers
  • Intelligent autocomplete
  • Enterprise Search  – across multiple sources

Anticipate shoppers intent and meet customer needs

Increase search to cart conversions and boost revenue.

  • Filters by product attributes
  • Indexes catalog & FAQs
  • Custom UI matches your branding

Improve service with detailed analytics

Stop guessing and optimize with real time data.

  • Search analytics report
  • Simple performance monitoring
  • Intuitive KPI dashboards

Yes. Speak plain English.

Understanding the meaning behind the words

Give customers control of their online experience. Make it remarkable by always anticipating their needs and wants. Provide accurate answers to product search, password resets and transaction FAQs at any time — no matter if they have typos, don’t know industry jargon or use urban slang. Help customers find what they want. If they find it, they can buy it.

Got it. Now you know what they really want.

Ask for it and you will get it?

Wish you could read your customer’s minds? Do that with Inbenta’s intelligent product and catalog Search. Well, almost. It’s not quite a crystal ball, but watch your customer success and development team get starry-eyed from the organized data. Use your customers’ questions to learn, improve and drive new product offerings.

A place for everything and everything in one place.

It’s better when we work together

Let customers choose the channel they prefer plus opt for voice or chat. Unify customer support with omnichannel solutions. Provide a seamless experience across all touchpoints — from retail to their favorite social platforms. Save time and support costs with 90% successful self-service. 

8 out of 10 users leave the online store if it fails to provide its customer relevant results, or clear product information. Most likely, they will never come back.

Source: Forrester

Stop searching!
Found: the ready to access solution


self-service rates

No code platform

Integrate chatbots within minutes using simple copy-paste tools.
Create flows and if/then/else scenarios using visual tools.


customer service

Easy Integration

Customize to match your brand visuals

Crawl site content to index and add to your search engine. Connect to third-party platforms via webhooks, APIs and SDKs 


NPS uptick

Explainable AI

Conversational AI supports 35+ languages.
Gets meaning, reads between the lines and never stops learning.
Pre-packaged Inbenta Lexicon means no lengthy data training.

Meet Gal: GOL Airlines’ answer to customer satisfaction

GOL Airlines, Brazil’s low-cost airline was founded in 2001. Today they transport the most passengers in Brazil with around 900 daily flights. They hold a 13.3% share in the international aviation market. 

GOL was always on the frontlines of industry revolution. 

The first Brazilian airline to:

  • Launch mobile check-in service
  • Provide passengers with mobile geolocation services 
  • Make all digital features accessible to impaired travelers

2.5 million travelers were using GOL’s website every month. Customer service was under significant strain. To reduce costs yet increase levels of customer satisfaction, GOL turned to Inbenta for a pioneering solution.

And so Gal is born. Inbenta’s custom AI system created for GOL Airlines to answer questions about tickets, baggage, check-ins, mileage programs, plus much more. 

“We have been working with Inbenta for just over a year and have already achieved many improvements! Gal achieved retention goals of over 90% for example. In addition to the deployment of new services, such as “flight status” and the cross selling banner (offering Seat + Comfort), we can also access the web reports to monitor the bot and even update content online. The company’s excellent team of professionals (linguists, PMOs and web designers) are engaged and committed to getting results. We are sure that this partnership will be long lasting and very successful.”

Renata Corrêa Dias Ferreira, Quality Manager DRC, GOL Intelligent Airlines

“90% of incoming users now find answers in our support page.”

Fernando Gouveia, Director, Business Development, Xapo

“The self-service ratio on our website has seen spectacular growth, which leads to deflections of traffic to our staff.”

Don Van Arem, Service Manager, Knab

“In just a few months, we achieved an 89% self-service rate.”

Mark Deaton, Head of Customer Success, Vyond

End ‘no results’ product searches bouncing frustrated customers
supply 95% relevant answers.

Improve search rankings and drive more traffic to your site
with a simple site crawl.

Increase search to cart conversions
even when queries have typos.

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