Easy-to-launch AI-Powered Chatbots for WhatsApp

Connect your WhatsApp Business channel to a Conversational AI Chatbot, improve customer service through your most popular channels and escalate only relevant requests to your agents.

  • Launch your WhatsApp chatbot without training
  • Easily create self-service content
  • Provide hybrid support

Make the most out of your WhatsApp channel

  • Respond to your customers in real-time
    Eliminate waiting times and customer frustration

    ✓ Instant, automated answers.
    ✓ 24/7 availability with 0 waiting time.
    ✓ Natural language with intent detection.

  • Automate mass communications
    Increase campaign visibility with WhatsApp

    ✓ Bulk messages with import/export capabilities.
    ✓ Integration with WhatsApp solution providers.
    ✓ Increased brand consistency.

  • Seamlessly escalate conversations
    Enable easy chatbot escalation when needed

    ✓ Escalate complex cases from chatbot to a live agent.
    ✓ Intuitive live chat with suggested answers for agents.
    ✓ Omnichannel ticket management.

Improve Customer Service
by Leveraging AI WhatsApp Chatbots

  • WhatsApp:
    the inevitable customer channel

    WhatsApp has left behind its only role as a ‘personal communications’ channel to embrace business communications as well.
    But why use WhatsApp for business?

    ✓ With more than 2 billion worldwide users, WhatsApp has a huge potential as a commercial channel.
    ✓ It is a channel known and loved, featuring an interface most consumers around the world are familiar with.

    Be reachable through your clients’ preferred channel.

  • Automating Support Through Whatsapp

    Businesses are under pressure to deliver high-quality customer experiences that satisfy demands of personalization and immediateness.

    Whatsapp is a great direct communication channel, but many businesses struggle to keep up with the high volume of requests. Integrate an AI-powered chatbot to:

    ✓ Automate communications and provide 24/7 answers.
    ✓ Give real-time answers without long waiting times.
    ✓ Smooth comunications thanks to our top-notch AI.

    Provide all-time availability and responsiveness.

  • Simplifying and Centralizing Requests

    Great, you got the real-time answers covered, but what about issues that can’t be solved by a machine?
    And what about juggling between different channels?

    ✓ Escalate your chatbot conversations within WhatsApp to a live agent — from the Whatsapp interface!
    ✓ Centralize all ticketing from social media, email, and all messaging apps.
    ✓ Recommend answers your agents can use in one click.

    33% of customers are most frustrated by having to wait on hold.

  • Boost agent productivity while reducing stress

    Happy employees, happy customers!

    Provide agents with tools to simplify the way they deal with Whatsapp requests:

    ✓ Faster ticket resolution times.
    ✓ Shorter answer search with AI suggested answers.
    ✓ Less dubious responses to increase customer trust.

    Our Whatsapp assist solution enables you to reduce the volume of incoming requests by 20% on average.

    Give your agents access to the latest knowledge, easily.

What they say about our WhatsApp bots:

Renato Suplicy

Head of Digital Strategies and Services


Inbenta understood that we wanted to go through a digital transformation, but in a human way. We wanted our WhatsApp chatbot to be a way to serve our customers better, whilst taking into account the fact that customer behaviors are always changing.

Elisa Moreira

Customer Service Manager

GOL Airlines

Today, approximately 35% of customers finalize their check-in process through WhatsApp, which is a very good result for us. Among those customers, 90% say that it’s a very good or excellent service, and we’re obviously very happy with that result.

Ana Herrero

Ecommerce Operations & Customer Service Manager


Currently, the tool allows a complete analysis of users’ questions to optimize future answers and thus anticipate frequently asked questions. We display the most relevant answers based on users’ browsing behavior and recurring searches in the online help center.


Gol Airlines: An Airline Bot on WhatsApp

Discover how Gol Airlines uses WhatsApp as a communication channel and how they automate interactions with travelers.