AI-Powered Real-Time Agent Assistance

The agent assist solution for enhanced customer service

Maximize your agents’ productivity

Offer them :

  • Higher productivity
  • Instant support
  • A powerful and intuitive tool

Give customers better answers, faster

Reduce customer service queries and support costs.

  • Instant answers
  • Intelligent autocomplete
  • Real-time content access  – across multiple sources

Boost performance real-time assistance

Increase agent performance and support quality

  • Integrates with your call center tech
  • Real-time voice-to-text translation and NLP processing
  • Supports multi-step answers and instructions

Stop guessing and optimize with real time data

Improve service with detailed analytics

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Performance monitoring
  •  Intuitive KPI dashboards

More businesses doing a happy dance

Optimize your customers’ requests processing time

Become memorable

Increase the number of requests your agents can handle thanks to active double listening. Simply integrate our solution into your call center software to:

  • Listen to oral conversations and transcribe them into writing, thanks to our speech-to-text functionality
  • Use the written transcription to query our NLP search engine
  • Automatically and instantly push relevant answers to your agents throughout the conversation with the customer without them having to write a single word.

Enable better Agent interactions

Provide relevant and up-to-date answers!

Be responsive

Managing the quality of your agents’ responses has never been easier.

Our AI-powered agent assist solution enables you to continuously optimize your customer service knowledge base. Update or create new content, and our solution pushes it live to your customer service representatives.

Don’t let your agents miss an answer.

Improve your customers’ satisfaction

Don’t keep your customers waiting

No more putting a customer on hold or transferring a call to another agent.

With significantly reduced waiting time, a smooth conversation from start to finish, and a relevant answer to their request, your customers will thank you!

A satisfied customer shares his experience with three people.

Support your team while reducing costs

you’ll win !

Give your agents access to the latest knowledge to improve customer experiences and instantly answer questions.

Our AI-powered real-time agent assist solution enables you to reduce the volume of incoming requests by 20% on average.

Give your agents access to the latest knowledge, easily.

I want to try this today.

“After only two months, we noticed a sharp decline in the call-center channel, while the new online chat experience received great appreciation from both our customers and employees.

Don van Arem Service Manager, Knab

“Developing new and creative ways to make information more searchable for our customers and our workers were key to improving both our customer experience and internal operations.”

Megan McCluskey Senior Program Manager, CX Marketing and Communications, Allegion

“What I like about the Inbenta solution is the ability to continuously adapt and to see the back end in order to make changes to the system. The iterative life cycle of really training a chatbot has been seamless. And so we’ve been able to continuously improve every day as we take a look at the interactions that we have…

Global Healthcare Company

“They have also provided us with web reports to monitor our bots and the possibility of updating the FAQs online. The company has an excellent team of professionals (linguists, PMOs and Web Designers) that is always willing and committed to our results. We are sure that this partnership is going to be a very long and successful one.”

Renata Corrêa Dias Ferreira Quality Manager Drc, GOL Airlines

Inbenta makes it easy to be part of the good stats


Coding or training


languages supported


Accurate response rate

Optimize your agents experience
while providing faster, better support.

Boost customer satisfaction rates
regardless of year end bonuses.

Save time on seeking informations
with the little bot that works.

I want to try this today.

I want to try it ASAP!

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