Along with its easy learning curve and simple do-it-yourself tools, Vyond wanted to offer its customers a superior self-service experience so that they could continue creating awesome videos without missing a beat. Upon implementing Inbenta’s AI-powered, intelligent search the number of Vyond customer’s choosing to search instead of submitting emails with questions has increased 22%. And of the customers searching for help, almost 73% of them are finding answers on their own. This is a 38% increase in answers found since introducing Inbenta’s technology.

This is just the beginning and we are looking forward to seeing these stats continue to improve because Inbenta is not only a big fan of Vyond, we are customers!

“Using Inbenta was the key to understanding and closing important knowledge gaps in our self-help content. In just a few months, we achieved an 89% self-service rate. The implementation was a breeze (just a single line of javascript), the Inbenta team is terrific, and our customers are finding what they need at a rate 40% higher than before. Success!”

Mark Deaton
Head of Customer Success
GoAnimate, Inc.

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