Inbenta Service Level Agreement


Service Availability

The measure used for service availability is uptime. Uptime is the percentage of time during which Inbenta is available to the Customer, excluding scheduled maintenance operations.

Inbenta is to be considered unavailable only if it’s completely unreachable or a software malfunction at the fault of Inbenta completely prevents its use by the Customer.

Availability will be evaluated on API requests as defined by Inbenta’s API documentation and according to the rate limits contracted Availability also applies to HTTP requests to Backstage, Inbenta’s customer backend web application.


Period Availability (%)
Monthly* 99.00%
Quarterly** 99.50%
Yearly*** 99.99%


* Monthly uptime is calculated over natural months and uses the formula (30[days]*24[hours]*60[minutes]) as a base.

** Quarterly uptime is calculated every three months using these groups:

  • January, February, March
  • April, May, June
  • July, August, September
  • October, November, December

It uses the formula (3[months]*30[days]*24[hours]*60[minutes]) as a base.

*** Yearly uptime is calculated over natural years. It uses the formula (365[days]*24[hours]*60[minutes]) as a base.



Contact/Support Channel Incidents, questions, and new feature requests can be submitted through with the login credentials provided by Inbenta.
Response Time Standard incident response times during working hours:

  • Critical Error: two (2) hours
  • Major Error: six (6) hours
  • Minor Error: ten (10) hours


Inbenta reserves the right to modify and change the support channels at any time for any reason, given that the changes are communicated to the Customer fifteen (15) days prior.



Incidents caused by reasons beyond Inbenta’s control are not covered by this Service Level Agreement. Such incidents include but are not not limited to:

  • The Customer’s or third-party products and services that could lead to integration incidents;
  • Altered Inbenta deliverables, and
  • Misapplication or negligence in product use in regards to Inbenta documentation and official integration directives.



  • Critical Error: a malfunction that negatively affects the performance and/or functionality of Inbenta, completely preventing the use of the software.
  • Major Error: a malfunction that negatively affects the performance and/or functionality of Inbenta, preventing the use of a portion of the software.
  • Minor Error: a malfunction that affects the performance and/or functionality of Inbenta negatively, but does not prevent the use of any of the features.
  • Working Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., in the Customer’s time zone, excluding major holidays.
  • Response Time: Time that Inbenta will take to answer an incoming request from the Customer received via the support channel.


Last updated: 2018/06/18
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